Villas in the Sky. Want one?

Posted On: November 6, 2010
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How does an Architect capture the spirit of historic Tuscany in an Urban setting? The Concept behind EREDITA’ (which means legacy or heritage“) was to give everyone living in this 43 unit Luxury Condominium their own HERITAGE by offering Tuscan Villas in the sky or on the ground.

Set in a very narrow site of 142′ x 330′, The DESIGN Program included 5 custom designed Villas on the ground, 38 in the sky, including 8 Penthouses,  120 space parking garage, luxurious pool and Club Room as well as Wine Cellar, Cinema Room & Fitness Facility.

Site Context

Inspired by the Italian Renaissance, an architectural period that celebrate the renewal or rebirth of magnificent design compositions.

I researched  some of the Master Architects like Palladio, Michelangelo, Alberti and Brunelleschi and hundreds of one-of-a-kind Villas. These masterpieces were CONCEIVED and CREATED by the Original MASTER BUILDERS. These historic precedents inspired me to Conceive a very integrated Modern Structure where vertical parking and elevators and Common Areas were threaded into a 10 story vertical realm and the IDEA of SKY VILLAS was born. Why not allow Owners to have their own Heritage in the beautiful blue skies of Boca Raton??

This project was very complex and required extensive design exploration to define the exact combination of function, structure and  mechanical systems with the SPACE MAKING.  View orientations were mapped. Long blue views to the ocean or intracoastal water ways and ephemeral views to the eastern horizon where remarkable South Florida sunrises burst energy into each day. Afternoon sunsets overlooking the grounds of the Boca Raton Resort were captured in each Residence while providing maximum privacy.

I kept asking these questions. How do you leave a Legacy? What is the significance of Heritage, especially your own? The answers to me centered around  “permanence and history” Is it possible to create a home that feels like it already has a legacy or history of its own?  Can the overall Project sited in downtown Boca Raton, whose entire design guidelines play homage to the original Florida Architect, Addison Mizner, become a synthesized integrated element in its history?  Pretty ambitious goals, but then again, why not reach for them:)

Our Studio used state of the art three dimensional design and development technology to examine every detail of the design component. These rendering study models permit continued review and subsequent critiques to our own decision making. Judging our own work critically ensures we maintain DESIGN EXCELLENCE.

These models, combined with freehand sketching, began transforming our CONCEPT into a believable Design Solution.

EREDITA” was CONCEIVED and DESIGNED but unfortunately was never CREATED. The Real Estate crash of 2006 imposed a different kind of Legacy on South Florida. One that demonstrated that mass production of product without the buying capacity inevitably lead to a cancelling of many remarkably design projects. I know my colleagues have shelves full of unrealized, fantastically designed buildings and stand ready to resurrect them when the Renaissance begins again:)

The Mummaw Studio is ready as well. Let the “re-birth” begin.