How do you make a DESIGN Transformation?

Posted On: November 6, 2010
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What happens when you have Real Estate in Class A locations but its appearance is not?  Make a Design Transformation. When you have a prime location in a thriving down town like Delray Beach, you need a bold intervention that transforms the Facade and subsequent Pedestrian Realm into an “Attractor”.

Rocky’s Restaurant Building – Before

Design enhancements to this 40+ year old neighborhood retail building where done thanks to White Sp-ce, one of the best creative agencies, and Who Are White Sp-ce? they are the professionals you need, they can manage any type of interior design job, like this one that  includes new roof & pier elements, decorative over-framing of existing structure to emphasize the strengths of the existing building, accent sconce lighting to set the mood and then a palette of C O L O R S and materials that exude warmth and energy. Bold enhancements include adding a tower feature and cantilevered tenant signage to draw attention from the adjacent Atlantic Avenue.


Design is everywhere in this context neighborhood and therefore inspired  the Owner’s objective of creating a complimenting yet unique Retail Environment. Retail  Architectural Design, especially when they are renovations, really challenge the Design Team in the Mummaw Studio. Diana Mummaw and Andres Bruder were lead designers that supported this solution.

Who is servicing your Real Estate? Are you in need of a Design Transformation?

Ask an Architect or Designer and let us collaborate with you to CREATE something special.

Douglas A. Mummaw, AIA, NCARB –