How do you Conceive idea forces to guide the design of a new Elite Athletic Training Facility? The Create Team in Mummaw’s studio began with the concept of S P E E D. What is it? How do you gain it, capture and use it? Soon to be South Florida’s Premier Athletic performance facility for aspiring High School & Collegiate level athletes, IMPACT SPORTS PERFORMANCE and CO-Owner/Director Jason Jerome will immediately set the pace in state of the art sports performance training and sports medicine treatment techniques.

This facility will include a Professional Sports Agility Training Field, 40 yard dash track, Intense Strength Training Area and the latest Bio-Science Cardiovascular training Equipment. Supporting its premier athletes will include Athletic performance evaluation rooms, Cutting-edge sports medicine treatment rooms and lushly appointed locker rooms.

As I contemplated the first big design move I interviewed  Director Jason Jerome and quickly(no pun intended:) realized he was an elite professional, experienced in Division 1 athletic training, a passionate student of the science of physical fitness and a contagious personality to Create “THE NEXT LEVEL” of Athletes.

Impact Sports Performance "BRAND"

How could we use Design Excellence to create a world-class training facility to match its emerging Brand?  For me, it always begins with CONCEPTS. This project had many, but I immediately gravitated towards Centricity, Velocity & Strength.

Centricity –  The nucleus of a physical or psychological center of an element

Velocity – Rapid Movement in time

Strength – Physical power and energy

Impact Logo Designed by David Savage

The Facility is zoned by specific training initiatives so that multiple teams and athletes can train simultaneously thereby energizing the “Strength” of the Space.  Centricity begins upon entering a very tight & “ovalesque” shaped form that appears to be rotating in a spiral direction. This movement continues to unwind rapidly(with visual Velocity) into a curved trajectory along the training & cardio fields. Internal treatment rooms, Professional Locker rooms and staff areas statically balance the dynamic movement of the speed and vascular training equipment.

Impact Sports Performance Equipment Layout

Mummaw and Associates, Inc. will be fulfilling its  Unique Design Build Capabilities by providing Architecture, Interior Design, Brand Development, and General Contracting services to complete this Facility by May 2011. Jason Jerome and his expert team of trainers, Physical therapists and kinetic science guru’s :):) will be making an IMPACT on South Florida’s premier athletes this summer. Stay tuned for advanced renderings as Mummaw & Associates, Inc. CREATES another case study in proving why DESIGN MATTERS.