How does Commercial Office Interior Design become “Organic”?

Posted On: November 20, 2010
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Diana Mummaw has CONCEIVED and DESIGNED another beautiful commercial office space environment!!!

This time she deployed very creative strategies to develop a grounded, earthy interior that feels organic and unfolding. Beginning with a beautiful palette of bronze, browns, absolute black and mined metals of steel and copper, she masterfully composed them into a warm, friendly interior. Mummaw and Associates Commercial Interior Design Studio lead by Diana continues to provide its Clients with unique and dynamic spaces they and their staff enjoy.

Why do offices have to be boring? Diana can bring color and textiles to life in multiple Interior Design styles while still permitting the personality of the company she is designing for, to emerge. How can you be successful in your design decisions? ASK A DESIGNER? Director of Design, Diana Mummaw begins every project with a Concept. In the case of the 399 Business Center, in Boca Raton she began with a strong floor selection of carpeting and porcelain tiles. Next came the warm palette of wall paints and wall covering and then it is intertwined all together with beautiful accessories, furnishings and art work.

I may be a little biased because she is my wife, but I can honestly say I am always amazed at the finished composition Diana CREATES. I consider myself very capable of envisioning the built version of the designs we CREATE. However, I sometimes struggle with how all of the colors, materials, textiles and furnishings will look. Maybe its because I am spatially focused, but Diana has the uncanny ability to see the flowers in the vase, on the table, in the room, near the window or on axis with a direct view from the approach.  These minute DETAILS are where she excels!!! Our Clients walk in after she has set the last piece in place and just soak it in,

This Project has received many accolades from the Client(which we always want:)) to the tradesmen and then the prospective tenants who desire to rent space here.  The composition of organic, nature stylized furnishings and artwork make the space feel like it is growing. Concepts like nature have an immediate recognition by the occupant and the by-product is a calming, tranquil stabilizer against the vibrant energy of corporate business.   Commercial Interior Design can make a difference in the marketability of Office Leasing. Mummaw & Associates Interior Design Studio strives to make its environments dynamic, relevant and marketable.

The stronger the Concept, the deeper the Interior Design can be. C O L O R and  C  O  M  P  O  S  I  T  I  O  N is not out of reach when a project is CONCEIVED by the Interior Design team at Mummaw & Associates.

Design Matters………