MATERIALITY – Does it Matter?

Materiality is a strategic compositional strategy in Architectural Design. Dynamic, contrasting materials fused together evoke haptic sensations when we experience Architecture. They enhance, along with other design strategies, a “sense of place”. Our CREATE Studio recently completed a 15,000 square foot Corporate Office in Boca Raton. This office design collaboration with our Client resulted in a unique collage of materials that weaved the spaces together.

We exerted the contrasting Concept of Transparency to solidify how you could experience as many of the materials at once.  Limestone, known for its linear pattern is magnificent. Blue onyx and glass create whimsical reflections onto other materials and when added to textiles, the concert raise to crescendo.

Our first intervention was to create a dynamic entry lobby. Part of the second floor had to be removed to create a thin but vertically dynamic “channel” of space. Approximately 60’long x 12’wide x 25′ high, this volume vanishes away from you in perspective. We specifically located clear glass panels at all boundaries to promote the feeling of continuance.

A cantilevered. levitating conference room imposes itself into the volume, yet is transparent as well.  Natural sunlight from the outer walls penetrate deep into the spaces.

Cherry wood is one of the most beautiful species. We created a custom stain finish to enhance the beauty and bring out the character in the grain. There is something regal about rich woods. The natural contrast between hardwoods and veneer make a subtle, yet distinct light-dark contrasting composition.

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