25 Years in the making……..

Posted On: June 11, 2011
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When I began this journey, such a long time ago, it never occurred to me that the PROCESS of evolving through the profession of architecture would be sooo dynamic. Today, I explain to my young student Architects at Palm Beach State College that their “journey” will be rich with wonderful experiences, remarkable discoveries and enriching CREATIONS. It has been for me.

On October 15, 2011, Mummaw and Associates, Inc. turns 2 5.
It seems congruent, that on such a milestone, that we should reflect back to remind us of what we have accomplished and then look to the future for inspiration forces that will stimulate continued Design Excellence.

As you all know, We love to COLLABORATE with our Clients! We also love to engage in challenging deign projects with our Consultants. One particular “DESIGN PARTNER” I frequently collaborate with, is South Florida’s esteemed graphic artist David Savage. We have worked on many Projects together and his input and design solutions always stimulate great dialog in the “whys and how to’s” of what we attempt to CREATE. This PROCESS is identical to what we do with your projects.

Original Logo – Mummaw CREATE Team

+/- 20 years ago we CREATED the Mummaw corporate logo. The idea forces then, still resonate through its image today. Permanence, Order, Regulation, Composition and Balance all represent (or at least what we aspire to:)) our Design Excellence Objectives. Now, as we approach our 25th anniversary, I felt the urge to “freshen” up our Brand. Was this possible? Should I do it? Diana & I debated on whether we could make it better. My staff & I tried and it became obvious that we were going to be challenged. That is when I brought David in. Actually, I had to beg him to take on the project. Because –  True Artists do not like to start with someone else’s work. Their need to conceive and then validate ideas into their own solutions is an inherent trait. Reluctantly, David dove in and the Re-Branding begun.

I thought you all would enjoy a “BACKstory” on a simple project like a logo, and hopefully you can all relate it to your own Design Projects. This PROCESS of Conceiving an idea, Designing Options and then Creating Final Solutions is the essence of our firm’s Methodologies. Interesting enough, David created a dynamic FRESH new Mummaw logo, that in itself, represents all of the phases of our design process when we produce Architecture & Design Projects. This  “discovery” element in the composition is what makes Remarkable Design and is a goal we have for all of your Projects.

25 yr logo

Design Elements within the Composition

The day of the presentation came. Diana was convinced we could not improve the Design. I secretly agreed, but knew if it could be done, David would find a way. The ideas and precedents unfolded. David explained his analysis, the theory and support for his NEW interpretations and then finally the finished solution. OMG!!! the Logo looked partially like one of my concept sketches and “CREATED” like our 4D technology based renderings (or final design solution). How did he do that?

Mummaw 25th Anniversary Logo

Preliminary Logo Design by David Savage – Graphic Artist

David Savage Logo

He added historic(classical Roman) lettering with serifs and then anchored the Composition with Architectural Vocabulary, hatching, guidelines which resulted in a dynamic, eye moving, piece of Art…. and although it is not quite finished yet, we are proud to show you the PROCESS so far.

October 15, 2011 will be our 25th Anniversary. This “journey” has been remarkable. We look forward to celebrating Design Excellence through unique collaborations with you (Our Clients and friends) for many more years to come.Thank you for the “Opportunity” to Collaborate with you:)

Doug Mummaw. AIA