Downtown Delray Beach Retail Center

Posted On: November 26, 2013
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Downtown Delray Beach has energy, entertainment choices and a pedestrian friendly environment. We were challenged with renovating a 1950’s styled simple storefront type building into a new dynamic Retail Center.


The existing Building was banal and lacked hierarchy and ordering strength as most of these older buildings do. However, The Mummaw and Associates, Inc. CREATE Team dug a little deeper into the forensic architectural investigation to search for hidden orders and regulation patterns. This three tenant building starts with an asymmetrical composition. No two bays were alike. The roof and parapet walls were understated and did not regulate to the bays below. This creates a complex challenge for framing architectural signage and establishing a clear delineation of one tenant from another.

Existing Photograph

Existing Conditions


The design strategy for this Retail Center was to create a focal point with the anchor tenant. In this case, it was the Rocky’s Restaurant which occupied over 1/2 of the building. We created a main feature and raised roof parapet over the large bay and then used over framed “piers” to break up the flat parapet and create a direct connection to the bays below.  These piers act like frames to each tenant and  enhance architectural signage. They were also use as possible flag signs which could face Atlantic Avenue  a 100 feet away.

Mummaw CREATE Studio Rendering

4 D Computer Technology and proposed Architectural Design


Color transforms every composition. Match that with elegant materials like stone, ornamental iron, metal roofing, accent painted textured stucco, architectural lighting and the Retail Center facade renovation dynamically presents itself to context. We also replaced the older 1/2 high windows with new full height windows, you can picture window prices with our experts depending on your needs, in this case it was to allow pass by visual connections to the stores & restaurant activities inside.

Mummaw CREATE Studio After Renovation Photo

Mummaw CREATE Studio After Renovation Photo

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