Natuzzi Retail Center Transformation – Boca Raton

Posted On: November 25, 2013
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How do you transform  circa 1970-s proto-typical retail center architecture, strategically located on a busy Federal Highway in Boca Raton? The Mummaw and Associates, Inc.,  CREATE Team is renovating many of these types of buildings into modern, marketable and quality tenant attracting locations.


The Analysis always begins with a study of the existing building geometry. What are the regulation patterns? Is their existing Hierarchy in the structure? These are critical foundations we can use to build. Then the analysis continues to function. Do we have large parapets to features to display the tenant’s name in architectural signage. Is there a visual Que to identify the main entry? Are the storefront windows large enough to display products to the thousands of cars passing by.Mummaw and Associates, Retail Center Architect DESIGNED

The next step is to conceptualize the new Retail Center Architecture in both free hand sketching and then advanced computer renderings. The Mummaw CREATE team uses quality materials, vibrant colors and iconic architectural form to transform the retail building into a recognizable attractive center. This is an imperative design strategy to successfully to potential national and quality local businesses.Mummaw, Architect, Retail Center CREATED

The finished Retail Center in Boca Raton was built for Natuzzi, an international Brand. Their modern line of furnishings directly influenced the strong scalloped entry feature, We added metal roofs and architectural ornamental iron to enhance the tectonic presentation. Storefront windows were enlarged and architectural signage designed in composition with the retail center was added.


Mummaw, Retail Center Architecture, Boca Raton

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