Six Pixels of Connectivity – Can Design Excellence reach everyone?

Posted On: November 27, 2010
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December 1st marks the beginning of a new Information Platform or “PORTAL” the Mummaw Studio has CREATED. Web 3.0 is the continued evolution of the Internet and we are joining the party:)

The internet has brought us closer together than ever before. As Mitch Joel of states in his must read book, ” Six Pixels of Separation“We no longer live in a world of six degrees of separation. In fact, we’re now down to only six PIXELS of separation….”

What is Web 3.0? Interesting question with numerous answers. For us, it represents a NEW Publishing and Information “Portal” which will permit us to increase our efforts of achieving our primary goal of promoting Design Excellence through our DESIGN MATTERS Campaign. We have 319 days until we celebrate our 25th anniversary in the design and construction business. Over this time we have amassed some pretty incredible projects and clientele. From fortune 100 corporations like American Express, The Equitable,prestigious law firms like Shutts & Bowen, Hodgson Russ, start-up entrepreneurs, thousands of successful small businesses, and private homeowners, the “Project List” is immense.

Unfortunately, technology and affordability to publish these projects made it difficult to document, back in the day . Today, we use hi-tech digital cameras and easy to use publishing software like WordPress


to immediately bring to life our Projects in real time. Because of this, we felt it was an important service to our “archi-community” to share the PROCESS with you, If software developers are creating code and then giving to the world to use & further develop it, Why can’t we do the same with DESIGN?

Case Studies of our Work on how we approached the Program, site restraints, budgetary parameters and most importantly, WHY we designed the solution a certain way.  Our  CONCEPT Development Process will now be shared. We have expanded this initiative to include you:), somewhere out there in the world, with our ASK AN ARCHITECT OR DESIGNER? service. Are you working on a DIYS Project? The stats show there are millions of you. Never before have so many quality designed products, materials and color choices been available for the lay-person to select themselves, possibly install themselves in order to CREATE a designed solution. Check out how you can send us a project and we will assist you in maximizing the DESIGN potential.

Never before has there been a greater need to assist you in the goal of making your Projects Successful. DESIGN MATTERS and does make a difference in the finished product. Look at our vehicles being made, our computers and our clothing. Exceptionally DESIGNED Products are readily available. We believe DESIGN EXCELLENCE should be too.

The Mummaw Studio of creative, artistic architects, designers and craftsmen are passionate about DESIGN. Our Clients recognize this in the first meeting and see our Architectural & Interior Design Solutions bring their projects to life. From simple office renovations, to corporate headquarter office buildings, to estate homes, we approach every program the same. Develop a Concept that maximizes the design potential, then develop or validate it through a creative, disciplined process.

Sign up for  our RSS feed to receive relevant case studies and current information on design trends and construction methodologies not only being used by the Mummaw team, but other worthy articles or case studies being developed by creative design professionals all over the planet. As a bonus, you will see the NEXT Generation of Architects from my students work at Palm Beach State College, in Boca Raton. Florida.

Welcome to our new Architectural Education “PORTAL”!!! We hope you enjoy seeing a “Behind the Design” look at Architecture, Interior Design and General Contracting strategies we use at Mummaw and Associates, Inc.

Thank you to the incredibly talented TEAM at JUICY RESULTS

who have guided our vision to a create a highly collaborative Web Site, Content Rich, Information  Platform. They are pioneers in Website Design and Internet Marketing. Their skills and knowledge have made this process an informative and enjoyable journey….

Thank you to our Clients, Consultants and Subcontractors who have collaborated with us for 24 years and 46 days……. we are looking forward to Conceiving, Designing & Creating many more exciting projects together:):) Doug, Diana & the rest of the Mummaw “CREATE” Team…..

Diana B. Mummaw, Director of Design

Douglas A. Mummaw, AIA, NCARB