The “Create” Team in our Studio

Posted On: October 30, 2010
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How can we ensure Design Excellence in every Project? Meet Andres Bruder & Andress Crravaggi. They are two very creative and experienced Intern Architects.

Andressa Caravaggi - Intern Architect

Andressa is a multi-talented intern Architect whose design and computer graphics skills, including three-dimensional modeling  ensures design excellence in all of the Projects she works on. She leads our Commercial Interior Team and also is part of our Retail Re-Development Team. Originally from Brazil, she loves soccer(Duh:) and speaks perfect Portuguese.  She is about to commence her Architectural Registration Exams and hopes to be licensed in the near future. That’s a seven part professional exam – Yikes!! She  is certainly going to exercise some intense focus to get through them all the first time. We wish her the best.

Andres Bruder - Registered Architect , Chile'

Andres is a registered Architect from Chile’. He is the turbo force of our 4D modeling team. He has incredible passion for taking on sophisticated software and then transforming our Designs into real life Rendered Models.  His technique continues to improve with every project. You will see many of his building renderings on our site. We are very fortunate to have him on our Large Scale Commercial Project Team. He loves beach volleyball and 80’s music:) Andres likes to “get wired in” and when he is in that mode, he creates cutting edge Architecture. He is a tremendous asset to our Studio!

Both of these elite professionals  are committed to Design Excellence in every project, small or big. DESIGN MATTERS to them:) They will also be part of our “Ask an Architect or Designer” TEAM.