Three (3) Words for a Productive 2011

Posted On: January 2, 2011
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Chris Brogan, co-author of “TRUST AGENTS” recently blogged about now being the time for New Year’s Resolutions. He further stated that for most of us, these resolutions or goals for the year are quickly broken or forgotten.  As such, he offered a new IDEA FORCE that he had been implementing for several years. Instead of making a list of “I intend to …….” type resolutions, he conjures up THREE WORDS that have connotative meaning and can be widely applied to many circumstances. Specifically, he said, “These are not goals, per se, but words that will keep you focused on those things you want to improve in 2011.”

This immediately struck a nerve with me. For as long as I can remember, I have been setting yearly goals, ranging from typical health, education and family to business oriented objectives. At this point in my life , where the goals have become somewhat static, this IDEA FORCE of Three Words impacted my thought Process and in a very brief moment, I conceptualized my own Three Words :  Collaborate – Strengthen – Create.

These words will be used as underlying rudders in the daily and yearly approach to 2011. Just ask the question in each life situation you encounter – How can I strengthen ……., Can we Collaborate on this task to ……. What can I CREATE today?

October 15th 2011 will be our 25th Anniversary. This journey has been incredibly rewarding, enriching and yes sometimes challenging(especially in recent years). As we emerge from this generation altering period, and begin the journey through 2011, I began to think about Mummaw and Associates‘, THREE WORDS, we published as our “tag line, methodology, or process” two years ago. How do these apply to what Chris Brogan is saying?

CONCEIVED – The Art of Conceptualizing an Idea

1101 South Federal Highway Retail Center - Boca Raton

DESIGNED – Developing &  validating an IDEA through a diligent Design Process

1101 South Federal Retail Center , Boca Raton

CREATED – The physical manifestation of an IDEA through construction management systems and processes

1101 South Federal Retail Center - Boca Raton

These Core Methodologies serve as our Firm’s rudder every day. Implemented by the CREATE Team of Diana, Andressa, Steve & Andres. This passionate group of Design & Construction Professionals continue to innovate and seek design excellence in all of their responsibilities.

THREE WORDS, THREE IDEA FORCES that guide our short term and long term objectives. It seems oddly coincidental that a blog post by one of the most forward thinking. social media experts could resonate so clearly through our existing BELIEF System at the Mummaw Design Studio. Then again, I am always astonished at how Creative and forever shrinking(remember my 6 pixel blog?) our world can be.

Thank you Chris. And thank you to all of our valued Clients, Consultants and Construction Partners. I look forward to CREATING a productive and successful 2011 and continuing to prove why DESIGN MATTERS….

Doug Mummaw, AIA