Three Idea Forces for 2012

Posted On: January 2, 2012
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I have been following Chris Brogan, President of Human Business Works, who  helps (mostly larger) companies with customer acquisition and community nurturing by amplifying the human digital channel, for two years now. His annual “Three Words” blog resonates with me.  It goes beyond the yearly proto-typical “goals/resolutions” exercise most of us go through. Although I have my business and personal goals set for 2012, My idea forces of “Three Words” is much more powerful.

These subconscious “rudders” steer your every day decision making. When tackling life’s OPPORTUNITIES, you can refer to them to guide your responses. In our Studio, we continue to CREATE Design Excellence, strive for remarkable Client Partnering and improve our business systems. However, I feel much more engaged when I apply some “fundaments” to the situation at hand. This creative secret power, (except now I am sharing them with you:) adds a tangible dimension to problem solving, work precesses and relationships.

This year my “Three Words” are:


“to encourage or promote the development of”

As an architectural educator at Palm Beach State College, Fostering is especially relevant. But it is more than that. To “encourage or promote someone’s development” is a Service Opportunity. Architects have been “giving-back” for thousands of years. The profession of education, internship, training and then reciprocating dates back to Vitruvius and Alberti. We can “Foster” relationships or we can Foster ides(such as Why Design Matters) We can Foster our projects to achieve their highest potential. It is a SUPER IDEA FORCE:)


“to make (something) greater by adding to it”

My desire to build stems out of many years working in the trades with my brothers who were construction  professionals. The process of executing many small steps, bundled together, created sub-systems which then compounded to became form and eventually the finished building.  What incremental decisions, actions, etc. can we thread together  to “make something greater? In Architecture and General Contracting, Project Management(the profession of managing details) is the true validating activity that ensure success. Building upon, incrementally is how we create “greatness”.


“to be of importance”

Now many of you already know how “Matters” means to me by reading my Architectural Education blogs  on “Why Design Matters”. My  recent invitation to write five articles on “Why Design Matters in our Downtown” in the Boca Raton Tribune, lead by Rotarian, Douglas Heizer, has made me focus on specific design precedents that demonstrate architecture’s important role in Community Building.

But the cliche “????” Matters” can be applied to many situations. Personally, I can apply “???? Matters” to Family, friendships, service, health, etc. In business, I can expound beyond the general strategy of “Why Design Matters” and add finite levels of idea forces such as, “Details Matter, Color Matters, Technology, Technical Accuracy, etc. Matters…..”

What will your Three Words be this year? The Mummaw CREATE Team of Diana, Andressa, Ricardo, Andres, Steve & I wish you a safe, healthy and productive New Year! We appreciate your friendship, the opportunities to collaborate on projects and the privilege of continuing to prove “Why Design Matters” Have a great year:)))

Douglas A. Mummaw, AIA, NCARB

President – Mummaw and Associates, Inc.

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