Transformation from 1970 – 2010 & Beyond

Posted On: October 30, 2010
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How do you transform a 40 year old neighborhood Retail Center located at the “Gateway” to downtown Boca Raton?

We evaluated the context forces and lines of site from the adjacent Federal Highway. Signage and visibility are ESSENTIAL for Retail businesses. A virtual line of site map was created to identify the hierarchy and then we developed form strategies to maximize the potential brand opportunities.

Existing Architecture

Retail DESIGN has evolved from the prototypical banal continuous form to more dynamic personalities with multiple form breaks and individual storefronts.  Each business promotes a unique product. Why not let the Architecture be unique as well?

Concept Sketch for Redevelopment

Transforming a dated center into a modern, pedestrian friendly enhanced Retail Attractor increases not only the marketability of the businesses but improves the overall neighborhood context as well. Design Matters…..