Point Lot makes a SPLASH

Posted On: October 30, 2010
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Water views in Three directions has an influence on your site making decisions. How do you maximize this remarkable and valuable force?  You reach out to it. CREATE spaces that have direct lines of sight to the water and strategically align the rooms to become visually connected to it.

Rear Loggia and Master Bedroom Tower Feature

Addison Mizner influenced architectural design with direct historical references to Italian Villas. The original Master Builders would create beautiful dwellings that would be enjoyable to live in and raise families. We live in one of the most comfortable climates. Our winters rival the best places in the world. Homes should open up and receive this gift. Too often our Air Conditioners get turned on and we lose the connection with our environment:(

The gentle breezes and smells that floated across the water, penetrated into the living room, kitchen, family rooms and upper story bedrooms. Deep loggias kept the sun out, Strategically placed windows permitted cross ventilation so the home could breathe. Fresh air makes us feel better

Front Elevation

This home was Conceived, Designed & Created by our Studio. From napkin sketch to the physical construction, our team brought our Client’s dream to life.  The craftsmanship our construction team  establishes for every project is extraordinary. Our experienced carpenters, construction managers and elite team of Subcontractors thrive on building to the highest quality standards. They believe Design Matters and ensure its success by CREATING the physical version of what we have drawn.

Mummaw and Associates, Inc is today’s Master Builder. Both Artist & Constructor, we provide our Clients with one dependable resource for all design & construction needs.